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We create jewelry that empowers your intentions

The Real Authentic Way is a journey of self-discovery. A return to your heart, your power, your creativity. Each step taken on this journey brings you closer to your truest, highest Self.

The RaWay Jewels reveal the RAW unique beauty that exists within each one of us. 



Unearthed by an angel inside of a dream,

And honoring the recently discovered color: YInMn,

This Tanzanite and Diamond ring,

Awakens the alchemist that lives within.


This beautiful stone clears the channel between us and our guides,

So we can receive assistance directly from the skies.


Whatever difficult situation we find ourselves in,

Can be released into this powerful ring.


First, she’ll absorb it,

Then she’ll help us transform it.

Transmutation happens when we can change its meaning,

And by doing so it reveals to us the Silver Lining.


Turn fear into trust,

Turn uncertainty into curiosity,

Turn pain into power,

Turn stagnation into creativity.


Let Tanzanite help you make the shift.

You are an alchemist,

It’s time to embrace your gift.