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Intention: Authenticity


Let the rare gems of authenticity shine through.
Raw Force Ring is a unique and colorful re-minder of the light that comes and spreads when we allow ourselves to embrace our uniqueness and just BE, unapologetically.  
The psychology of this wave-shaped ring represents creative containment, flexible movement, and positive change.  

Like the ocean, who reflects its beauty on the surface, yet is always open to reveal the true identity that lives inside the mystery and depth of its waters, this ring invites us to explore the mysteries and treasures inside the depth of our authentic selves.
Raw Force is a Super Hero Ring. It awakens the super powers that lie dormant inside, waiting for us to embrace who we are, the RaWay.
When seen from above, this ring reveals a secret: the infinity symbol; a re-minder of how far our authenticity can take us.  
Its 8-3mm vibrant stones show the dazzling colorful light that lives inside you and is meant to shine. 


  • 3 shades of Sapphire – To commit, trust and be loyal to yourself
  • 1 Tanzanite – To strengthen your connection with higher consciousness
  • 1 White Diamond – For clarity and spiritual protection
  • 2 Tsavorite Garnets – To strengthen your connection to your heart, bringing compassion, guidance & courage
  • 1 Zircon – To align prosperity and happiness with your heart’s desires




14k gold

3mm round gemstones, approx. 1.0 carats

Raw Force Ring

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