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Our passion aligns with our purpose.
Our purpose aligns with our passion.
In the Real Authentic Way (The RaWay), we follow our curiosity, create from our hearts, and believe in the raw, unique beauty that exists in every human being.

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Sara Commers and Sandra Orellana first met in January 2020, in the middle of a Costa Rican jungle.

It was a retreat created for business owners looking to realign with their authentic purpose. Sara, feeling plateaued in her custom jewelry career of twenty years, had come seeking space, focus, and the spark of inspiration to reignite her work.

Sandra, co-leading the retreat as part of The RaWay, was nurturing her purpose of helping others unveil their truth. This heartfelt environment was the stage where these two curious and open hearts met to reveal a synchronistic connection. 

Sandra had recently taken a vow – to herself.

She had felt called to create a ring that would contain her commitment to herself  in a way that felt authentic and beautiful

​When Sandra learned about Sara’s journey, and Sara learned about Sandra’s search for a meaningful piece of jewelry, the two fell in instant alignment.

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Over the next few months, they shared stories of their journeys, their intentions, and their goals for the future. As their friendship strengthened, so did their creative bond: together, they designed a custom ring for Sandra’s self-love vow.

Throughout this process, Sara & Sandra realized their purposes worked together. In The RaWay, Sandra guides others on a path of self-discovery to healing self-love. As a jeweler, Sara: designs, creates, and/or repurposes pieces to reflect powerful intentions. Together, they realized they wanted to share love through jewelry, to co-create pieces that would re-mind and reveal raw, natural beauty . . . The RaWay Jewels was unearthed.


“When I met Sara, I realized she was an alchemist and a true gem,” Sandra says.


For Sara, The RaWay Jewels represents a deeper connection to her purpose in the craft she’s been passionate about her whole life.


Once Sara’s expertise and passion as a custom jeweler and Sandra’s purpose of healing and personal growth aligned, they began creating Jewels, the Real Authentic Way.


“Every stone has a Purpose. These gifts of Mother Earth have been unearthed, polished, and faceted to show their true raw beauty.  We want to share love and intention, as we continue to learn about the power that lives inside.”

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