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Intention: Wisdom


From Our Nature-Lovers Collection, Vicky brings the wisdom we can tap into when we find stillness, calm & silence. 


Her green tsavorite heart strengthens our connection to our own heart, bringing us compassion, guidance & courage, whenever needed. 


The Mozambique Garnet underneath her is a reminder of how Nature’s love and compassion holds us, unconditionally. 


Vicky reminds us of the truth inside our hearts, the wisdom inside of Nature, and how meditation is the bridge to unite them.


Wearing Vicky brings hope & connection and serves as a peaceful & joyful guide as we journey through life. 



14k gold

1.5mm Tsavorite garnet AAA quality

4mm Mozambique garnet AA quality

Comes with 44” 1mm leather cord - Gold chain not included.

Vicky, The Meditating Frog

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