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Intention: Stay in the Light

Created for all our Sun Lovers,

Light Chasers,

Sunset Gazers…

Solar Power is our ode to the Sun.

Dedicated to our Master of Unconditional Light,

To the one who teaches us how to shine bright.


Made with yellow Sapphires and yellow gold,

Harnessing the power of the Sun,

Solar Power is a reminder that Light rises from darkness,

Regardless of rain, clouds, or storms.


Our sun is always here.

When its not above us, its below us,

holding us, empowering us, encouraging us.

This is a reminder that Light is inside us,

And our mission is simply to shine bright,

With all of our might.

Wear Solar Power to carry the energy of the Sun with you,

As an unconditional companion,

Bringing Light to all that you do.



14k Yellow gold

8 - 2mm round yellow sapphire

8 - 5x3mm pear-shape yellow sapphire

Solar Power

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