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Intention: Spirituality


Shuniya (shoo-nee- yuh)


Pure potential, Shuniya is a state of absolute awareness in which the Self is brought into a sense of calm, neutrality, and perfect harmony with what is. In meditation, we strive to arrive at Shuniya: the abundant empty space filled with infinite possibilities. Wearing Shuniya re-minds us of the peace and power that resides in nothingness.


Shuniya is nowhere, Shuniya is now-here.


Shuniya creates the empty space from where our true desires unfold and manifest. Its black and white diamonds, suspended in the edges of the gap between where we are and where we want to be, invite us to embrace duality and contrast. Shuniya allows us to trust in space as we take leaps of faith, reminding us that we are complete, even in emptiness.



14k gold

2 - 1.6mm round black diamonds

2 – 1.6mm round white diamonds

Shuniya Ring

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