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Intention: Self Love

The most potent medicine known to mankind.


Your unique light is precious. Undimmed. Everlasting.
Vow to honor it.


As precious as the self-love it embodies, this ring is a daily reminder of all that you are – beautifully unique, purposefully crafted, and luminously bright.


Sapphires assist you on your spiritual path, releasing blockages and expressing inner strength. The shape of the ring is inspired by the Ahnk, the Greek symbol of life and wholeness.  The gradient of gems tell the story of the journey back to yourself. 


  • Sky blue represents the wisdom and freedom with which you joyfully choose to embark in self-love. 
  • Pink reminds you to practice compassion and loving kindness throughout your journey. 
  • Violet strengthens your ability to transmute the obstacles discovered along the way. 
  • Royal blue empowers the self-trust, honesty, and loyalty that allows us to make a vow.


The Vow:

I vow to accept and love myself

Boundlessly and unconditionally,

And be ME, in authenticity,

In sickness and in health,

In poverty and in wealth,

Regardless of who I’m with,

In joy or in grief,

Wherever I stand,

Exactly as I am.


Show it to the world boldly, or turn it around to wear it just for you.



14k gold

8-2.7 mm round sapphires for an avg total of 0.60 carats.


The Self Love Ring

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