An ancient symbol of protection unearthed. RealEyes protects your unique light while expressing to others that, in its presence, they are seen as their truest Self as well.


Choose the RealEyes that will honor and protect your truest self, and reflect your intention and energy wherever you go.


Stone Options:


  • Citrine: an energetic, invigorating vitamin C of the Soul
  • Chrysoprase: a deep and meditative heart opener, inviting balance and adaptability
  • Malachite: Powerful protector and dissolver of negative energy
  • Turquoise: Invoking the inner calm of clear waters and sky
  • Blue Topaz: clear pathways for communication to deepen meaning in relationships
  • Amethyst: an opener for intuition, naturally inviting tranquility
  • Onyx: holds deep strength and stability
  • Tiger Eye: Unclouded discernment
  • Garnet: a vibrant revitalizer to awaken and balance energy
  • Carnelian: a fiery motivator for creative confidence
  • Coral: a protective emotional healer
  • Lapis Lazuli: reveals inner truths, deep wisdom, and clarity
  • Moonstone: New, prosperous beginnings
  • Black Opal: Power to predict the future and bring good fortune


RealEyes (Rose Gold)