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Intention: Empowerment


Repeat after us: “Cho - Ku - Rei (choh-koo-ray)”

Meaning: The power of the Universe resides here.


At RaWay Jewels, we know how we all get our share of rainy days every now and then, so we created this pendant to gift you a rainbow for every storm. 


This high-frequency pendant brings extra Universal energy into your life, as its symbol is used to heal, clear, purify, and re-energize you.


As powerful and mesmerizing as a rainbow revealing itself during a storm, the Power Pendant channels the strength, resilience, beauty, and magic of the seven colors of the rainbow; re-minding us of the healing power in FEELING, OBSERVING, and BELIEVING (in Magic).   


Wear the Power Pendant around your neck as an armor of light, protecting and energizing you.    

Be re-minded that the power of the Universe resides in you, and that you too, are meant to shine your light, like rainbows do. 



14k gold

3mm round gemstones (5 sapphires, 1 garnet, 1 amethyst)

Total Carats: 0.80 carats

44” 1mm leather cord

Power Pendant

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