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Intention: Choose to create the life of your dreams


Do you ever wonder what a sunset really is?

This is what we think:


When a day has been so majestic,

The sun chooses to paint the sky,

With its mesmerizing colors,

As a way to say goodbye.


And tomorrow and forever, it will do this thing again,

It will put on its most colorful show,

Inviting you to let today go.


These earrings remind us that Heaven is a choice,

That we can experience Paradise, right here on Earth.


Elements: 14k gold

  • Aquamarine AA 0.48cts.
  • Tanzanite A 0.54cts.
  • Yellow Sapphire A-DC 0.58cts.
  • Citrine 0.48cts.
  • Madeira Citrine 0.48cts.
  • Pink Spinel AA 0.60cts.
  • Mozambique Garnet AA 0.70cts.


Heaven on Earth - Sunset

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