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Intention: Choose to create the life of your dreams


Inspired by the spectacular view from California’s Pacific Coast Highway,

These earrings honor the sacred union between the sky and the ocean.


The mesmerizing depth and vastness of these infinite waters.

And its many shades of blue,

Reveal something that is true:

Heaven is right here, for all of us to see,

Every time we open our eyes to look at the sea.


These earrings remind us that Heaven is a choice,

That we can experience Paradise, right here on Earth.


Elements: 14k gold

o Sky Blue Topaz AA 0.66cts.

o Moonstone AAA 0.45cts.

o Tanzanite 0.55cts.

o Blue Sapphire A 0.66cts.

o Aquamarine B 0.48cts.

o Swiss Blue Topaz  AA 0.66cts.

o London Blue Topaz AA 0.66cts.


Heaven on Earth - Ocean

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