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Intention: Receive Guidance and Support


When we find ourselves unclear about our next steps,

Or the direction our life should take,

We are invited to open up to all the love & support

That is available to us.

When we humbly ask for assistance,

We receive clear instructions and boundless support.


The shape of this 14k gold pendant is inspired by “Metatron” a symbol of Sacred Geometry.  It represents how everything in the Universe is interconnected and our capacity to expand beyond our mind’s eye.


Moonstones align us to high frequencies and purposeful new beginnings.

Tanzanites connect us with higher realms, so we may communicate with our guides.

And the diamond in the center, bring us clarity, purity, and spiritual protection.


Elements: 14k gold

  • 6 – 4mm Moonstones
  • 6 – 4mm Tanzanites
  • 4mm Diamond


Guidance Pendant

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