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Each gemstone has a different intention. 


Pick your stone:

  • Citrine: an energetic, invigorating vitamin C of the Soul
  • Chrysoprase: a deep and meditative heart opener, inviting balance and adaptability
  • Malachite: Powerful protector and dissolver of negative energy
  • Turquoise: Invoking the inner calm of clear waters and sky
  • Blue Topaz: clear pathways for communication to deepen meaning in relationships
  • Amethyst: an opener for intuition, naturally inviting tranquility
  • Onyx: holds deep strength and stability
  • Tiger Eye: Unclouded discernment
  • Garnet: a vibrant revitalizer to awaken and balance energy
  • Carnelian: a fiery motivator for creative confidence
  • Coral: a protective emotional healer
  • Lapis Lazuli: reveals inner truths, deep wisdom, and clarity
  • Moonstone: New, prosperous beginnings



2 - 4mm round cabochon gemstones set on yellow gold


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