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Intention: Creativity


Creativity is our birthright.  We bring ideas, projects, and even other humans to life with our thoughts, words, and actions.  These Creativity pieces offer us the opportunity to reconnect with our innate ability to create that which we want and need in our lives.


This naturally-occurring shape, a hexagon, has the strongest shape know to mankind.  Its efficiency in holding the most weight makes hexagons a very prevalent pattern in nature.  

It has 6 sides, symbolizing the number of creation and perfection.  This geometric wonder evokes community, creativity, and balance. 


Step 1: Choose your metal

  • Yellow Gold: Yellow gold harnesses the warmth of the sun and promotes self-awareness and the realization of dreams.
  • White Gold: White gold channels the energies of both the sun and the moon
  • Rose Gold: Rose gold enhances spiritual connection


Step 2: Stay curious



14k gold


Creativity Necklace

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