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Intention: Abundance

Align your purpose with your prosperity


Abundance is not something we find.

Abundance is what finds us when we are doing what we love.


This powerful octagon vibrates at the frequency of wealth and prosperity and elevates your vibration so you can match it. The 8 sides in this ongoing circle attract infinite blessings of health, love, and finances. Its 8 rubies subtlety ignite your desire to do what brings joy in your life. It invites you to get lost in what brings you pleasure, and you shall effortlessly find success.


This ring serves as a reminder that the Universe is conspiring to give you what you want. It invites you to do what you love, and you shall receive all that you deserve and desire.



14k gold

8-3mm AA quality diamond cut rubies for a total of 1.00 carat


Abundance Ring

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