These DIY bracelets have not yet been created, they have been waiting for you. Their purpose is to remind you of the powerful creator that you are and support every intention that you are calling forth into your life in each moment.


Stop looking outside. Start finding inside that you are your own infinite source of that which you seek.


Step 1: Choose your metal

  • Yellow Gold: Yellow gold harnesses the warmth of the sun and promotes self-awareness and the realization of dreams.
  • White Gold: White gold channels the energies of both the sun and the moon
  • Rose Gold: Rose gold enhances spiritual connection


Step 2: Set your intention

Pick from the following gems to awaken the infinite potential in you.

  • Love - Emerald
  • Joy- Ruby
  • Pleasure - Blue Zircon
  • Courage - Aquamarine
  • Clarity - Diamond
  • Protection - Turquoise
  • Peace - Amethyst
  • Energy - Citrine
  • Truth - Sapphire
  • Power – Opal


Step 3: Wear your bracelet to remember that you are your own infinite source of that which you seek.



14k gold

8 – 3mm gem choices from:

Emerald – Love – 0.48cts. A quality Diamond Cut

Ruby – Joy – 0.64cts. A quality Diamond Cut

Blue Zircon – Pleasure – 0.96cts. AA quality

Aquamarine – Courage – 0.48cts. AA quality

Diamond – Clarity – 0.48cts. GH/SI1 quality

Turquoise – Protection – 0.37cts.

Amethyst – Peace – 0.48cts. AA quality

Citrine – Energy – 0.48cts. AA quality

Sapphire – Truth – 0.64cts. AA Diamond Cut

Opal – Power – 0.40cts. A quality

Intention Bracelets

PriceFrom $1,900.00